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Best Almond Milk + Easiest Recipe

Making your own almond milk is so incredibly easy and extremely delicious!  It’s like you can actually taste the distinct flavor ofView full post »

Bath Yourself in LOVE

Winter time is an ideal time for immersing ourselves in warm, healing waters… aka bath!  Most of us have heard of bath salts, epsomView full post »

Kava Kava Chai Tea

Kava kava chai calms & warms body, while keeping your mind alert. A perfect communal stimulating and relaxing drink.  This recipe isView full post »

Spruce Tip Oxymel | Beverage Tonic

Let me just say refreshing, refreshing, refreshing!  Thanks to one of my herbal teachers, Jesse Beldon who introduced me to oxymels.  IView full post »

Red Ball Party | Organic Apples | WEI Farm

Ever taken a bite out of an apple to find a worm in it?  With apple orchard’s that are certified organic, natural precautions must beView full post »

Conifer Oxymel | Shrub

Boost immunity in a delicious way.  Oxymel – from the Latin oxymeli meaning “acid and honey”  is a traditional Appalachian preparationView full post »

Wild Cherry Bark Cough Syrup

A dear friend of mine, Lisa gifted my with some wild cherry bark (Prunus Serotina).  This would be my first introduction working with theView full post »

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