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WEI Farm | Organic Farming Class 101

WEI farm, also known as the Women’s Environmental Institute is a place for woman and allies to renew, learn, and organize for environmental justice.  Hosting retreats, conferences, workshops, farming classes, WEI is a place to grow.

Located in North Branch, MN just 25 minutes from Taylors Falls.  WEI is close enough yet far enough away to feel the serenity of the woods.  Although the farm is outside the city, WEI’s arms reach into the depths of the city working with the Mashkiikii Gitigan (24th Street Community Urban Farm), Mother Brick Project, North Circle Project, East Metro Environmental Justice Education & Action Collaborative (EJEAC) just to name a few.

WEI also offers Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), delivering boxes full organic fruits and vegetables. Buying into a CSA is a great way to shop local, benefitting small farms which in turn benefits the planet as we rely less and less on monoculture farms and transporting food long distances.  Not to mention we are reaping the benefits of diversifying & preserving plant varieties.  Purchasing shares through WEI you can have the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting the numerous projects WEI supports in the community as well.

Proud to be taking Jaquline Zita’s Organic Farming Class 101, all of us students went out to the farm on a winter Saturday in March to get a first hand education.  It was so amazing to have snow on the ground and step into a lush, warm, vibrant and green garden.  WEI teamed up with Will Allen who supported them in building hoop houses where their aquaponic garden is thriving!

The class started working the vermicompost, seeding, transplanting, preparing beds, etc.  An experiential education that ended with a delicious potluck.  Enjoy a sneak peak into the WEI farm as we began to  prepare for spring!

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