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Feeding the Fire Within | MEDICINE series YOGA.MUISC.PLANTS

It’s officially COLD outside and I know my body feels it. The outer earth is frozen and still and since we are connected to our environment it is important to tune in and balance out.  The cold tissue state is slow moving & sluggish and we want to feed our internal flame and to help keep things flowing properly.  Thus I will be sharing some herbs to feed our internal fire and and some to keep our spirits lifted.

Proud to be part of this seasonal MEDICINE series YOGA.MUISC.PLANTS with two gifted souls Amanda Leaveck who will lead us in a rejuvenating yoga practice & Lauren Anthill-Builder who will bless us with live acoustic music during the class.  All so very harmonious and nourishing.

Come build some inner heat with us by breathing and moving in a candlelit yoga studio at Radiant Life. We invite you to join us in our quarterly seasonal MEDICINE series (featuring yoga, live music and plant medicine). Each are potent modalities to integrate into our lives especially throughout each season change.

About the class:
 Following a short presentation from Sharri about the featured plant medicine, Amanda will guide everyone in a yoga class that is designed to maximize the benefits of the tea/tincture. Lauren’s sweet music will provide a whimsical sound scape that will leave everyone in a state of bliss ♥

It’s highly recommended to arrive 10-15 min early to have some time to drink your tea and let the plant medicine start working it’s magic in your system.

*mats available at the space, but bring your own if you have one*

How much does it cost?

Each class will honor the Buddhist practice of Dana (giving), so you may give whatever monetary amount feels like a joyful exchange (cash only please). Your contributions will be split equally between Sharri, Lauren, and Amanda.


Winter Schedule:
This winter series focuses on building internal fire. Check out the amazing teas & tinctures that herbalist Sharri has in store for you.

Jan 9th (8-9pm)Herbal Hot Toddy (Ginger, Cayenne, Garlic, Honey) to increase digestive fire and circulation in body. Also anti-bacterial/viral, vita C, immune boosting, cleansing

Jan 16th (8-9pm)Tinctures which support us when experiencing winter blues/SADD (Oxcayls, Cranberry, St. John’s Wort, Calendula)

Jan 23rd (8-9pm)Spiced Chai: homemade with whole natural ingredients (also dairy free). This particular Chai is a carminative, it’s warming, increases digestive fire and circulation in body, anti-bacterial/viral and incredibly delicious!


The Team:
Yoga: Amanda Leaveck
Live Music: Lauren Anthill Builder
Herbalist: Sharri Abbott-Keller


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